Artist Bio
a poet by first love, Kambani Ramano creates art – with words and with photographs – to celebrate beauty in the light of the human spirit and wonder in the heart of the world.
of Venda and Nsenga descent (that is, of South African & Zambian parentage), Kambani took his first breaths in Johannesburg in the late eighties at the height of the apartheid crisis, a transition point in the country where many of the nation’s ossified boundaries were being profoundly ruptured and redrawn.
it was in this context that his days on planet earth began: on the threshold of convergent cultures, social structures and times; in liminal spaces where diverse modes and moments intersected – sometimes joyfully, sometimes less so – with one another.
a foreigner to his native tongues and often an alien in many of the spaces he has found himself, Kambani has been very much a hybrid of the old world and the new.
in part, this backdrop has saturated the colours of his artistic practice and has given almost graphic expression to his body of work, which, since he picked up his first camera at age sixteen, has grown into an ongoing of exploration of the art of photography, and of photography as art. | ‘for art’s sake, art.’